Yes, music. Or in other words, a way to introduce you to new artists and hopefully get to like them too, so then you can support them buy purchasing their CDs from places such as YesAsia, CDJapan, HMV, or Amazon. The songs posted on this site are for sampling purposes only, so please remove them from your computer after 24 hours.

Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave a comment when you download something. This is just to let me know that I actually have visitors and I'm not uploading for nothing, ne? Thanks. ^^

NOTE: Okay, so this time, decided to give me problems uploading. =w=;; The first three songs managed to be uploaded there, but the rest are uploaded onto sendspace.

my picks
05410-(n) - RADWIMPS
Radwimps 4 ~Okazu no Gohan~ | Japanese | 3:10 | Download
Comments: I don't know much about the vocalist of RADWIMPS, but his English is surprisingly good. They have a very versatile style and occassionally incorporates an interesting form of rap into their songs. 05410-(n) is the song that stood out to me the most in the album, and it's short and cute and bound to get stuck in your head with its catchy English lines. :D

Sarang Ah - See Ya
Lovely Sweet Heart | Korean | 4:21 | Download
Comments: See Ya sings some of the most beautiful Korean ballads I've ever heard. They are often compared to SG Wannabe and are in fact very similar with the strong vocals and emotional ballads.

Scheat - SuG
Scheat | Japanese | 4:35 | Download
Comments: SuG is a new indie band that recently signed on to PS Company's Indie label. They remind me of Alice Nine when they first started except shinier and prettier because the vocalist has such cute dimples! *w* (You can see it if you watch the PV on Youtube~ In the meantime, you can also preview this song.) Scheat is a very catchy, happy happy song. It has an almost oshare feeling to it.

Unmei no Takarabako - Clavier
Natsu no Tayori | Japanese | 5:46 | Download
Comments: I love Clavier's ballads. ;o; They're always very sweet and pretty~ This one in particular gives me a feeling of high-school-romance-nostalgia (><;;), like in Japanese movies. I can't really describe it very well (as you can obviously tell), so I highly recommend you download and listen for yourself. ^^

requested songs
Butterfly - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Funclub | Japanese | 4:44 | Download
Comments: Mellow alternative rock -- the very classic Asian Kung-Fu Generation. This song doesn't particularly stand out to me, but it's still a very good song.

Rain Song - Furukawa Miki
Mirrors | Japanese | 2:55 | Download
Comments: Heehee, Rain Song: the very origin of this site name (except not really). A very mellow, hollowed-out sounding song with crisp and girly vocals. As some of you may not know, Furukawa Miki was once the bassist of Supercar.

Sono Speed de - The Brilliant Green
TERRA 2001 | Japanese | 5:10 | Download
Comments: This is one of their older songs, but it has a very distinct Buriguri sound, which I like very much. :D

Waratte, Megumi no Moto he - Rie Fu
Rie Fu | Japanese | 3:13 | Download
Comments: Soft, mellow song spiced with some piano and acoustic guitar. Not one of my favorite songs from her first album; I think that Rie Fu can do a lot better.

Nostalgia - FictionJunction YUUKA
Destination | Japanese | 5:42 | Download
Comments: This is a beautiful tradtional-Japanese-sounding song, inhanced with YUUKA's strong, beautiful voice. :D

Ai no Ai no Hoshi - The Brilliant Green
TERRA 2001 | Japanese | 3:51 | Download
Comments: Another mellow, classic Buriguri song from their first album. This song doesn't actually sound very different from Sono Speed de, except for the acoustic guitar instrumental at the beginning.